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I went to church tonight, and was so blessed by my friend, who reminded me of how faithful God has been to me on this journey. Through all of the nightmare years of  horrific abuse,  infidelity, and divorce, to the long and lonely path of single-parenting,  God was there.  So close at times, that the awareness of angels was more real than the circumstances.  His Word  never failed; regardless of the terrifying mess that was my life.   Scripture was my constant source of strength and comfort; it kept me from losing my mind during the mind-bending pain of learning about my husband’s long affair, and the ensuing drama that played out in the church we attended at the time.  Verses were everywhere:  over the kitchen sink, in the medicine cabinet, on the refrigerator.  My husband would rip them down; I would put them back up.  They weren’t for him, they were for me.

When nothing makes sense, and I’m in over my head, I go all the way back to the beginning, and start with what I know to be Truth as defined in Scripture: that God loves me; that I belong to Him; that nothing and no one can change who I am; that God will help me, and deliver me.  And He did.

My friend has also been through her own trial, and come out with a heightened awareness of the love and care God has for her. I read somewhere recently that true evangelism is not  leading people to invite God into their life, but to help them see how God was involved in their life from the beginning.

It was so good to talk with her, and share what we’ve been learning about ourselves in this process of healing.  So, Georgia, if you’re reading this, know that you were a blessing to me tonight.  And you are dearly loved, my friend.