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“The healthy christian is not necessarily the extrovert, ebullient Christian, but the Christian who has a sense of God’s presence stamped deep on his soul; who trembles at God’s Word; who lets it dwell in him richly by constant meditation upon it, and who tests and reforms his life daily in response to it.”        J.I. Packer

I picture the Human soul as a model of the temple of God;  We have the outer court- our physical bodies- that come into direct contact with the world; where people come in and out freely, with little need for protocol or permission.  Our soul is like the inner court; and few people are allowed (or should be allowed) into the inner court without care, wisdom, and discernment.   And then there is the Holy of Holies- our spirit- where we go before God and God alone.  Nobody- not  even those who are intimate, and dear to us, can go into this sacred place.  It is for us alone, and God.