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Being a single parent is hard.  Being a divorced woman in the church is equally hard.  Some of the things said about you are laughable, some decidedly not.  All of it makes the whole experience as exhausting as being in an abusive marriage in the first place.

Most of what we go through, we will go through alone.  Private pain is exactly that- private.  There are some places even those who love us cannot go with us; sometimes we have to pull away from all of the other voices and wait to hear from God.  It is so important to know how to hear the voice of God for ourselves, or we will be easily deceived and led astray. Deception can so mirror truth that without a sure knowledge of the Word of God, we become confused and unsure of whose voice to follow.

Only God truly sees and knows what we go through, how we think, and why we do what we do.  The best counselor cannot go home with us; doesn’t see the myriad struggles we face, or hear the crying we do when there is no one there.  Only God.  But always, God.