Look at Earth from the Heaven

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“It is the Son of Man before whom the nations of the world shall be gathered.  it is in the presence of Humanity that we shall all be charged.  And the spectacle itself, the mere sight of it, will silently judge each one.  Those will be there whom we have met and helped; or there, the unpitied multitude whom we neglected or despised.  No other witness need be summoned.

The words which all of us shall one Day hear sound not of theology, but of life, not of churches and saints but of the hungry and the poor, not of creeds and doctrines but of shelter and clothing, not of Bibles and prayerbooks but of cups of cold water in the name of Christ.

Who is Christ?  He who fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick.  and where is Christ?  Where?- whoso shall receive a little child in my name receiveth Me.  And who are Christ’s?  Every one that loveth God.”

-Exerpt from Henry Drummond