Dryas julia, Fackel Julia Falter 1

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No one can teach you failure,

And no one can make you quit.

No one can force you to be negative,

Or to live like a hypocrite.

You see, the best of us all will falter,

The greatest can surely slide.

But the key to a higher living

Is a treasure we all have inside.

It’s knowing when to be flexible,

To bend, but not to break.

Adapting to a world of changes,

With our ability to give and take.

It’s reflecting a sense of optimism,

Even in the shadow of despair.

It’s learning to find contentment

When you discover the cupboard is bare.

It’s blending your imagination

Into the tasks that you face each day;

Weaving a garland of hope and trust,

As you struggle to find your way.

No,  life is not a bed of roses,

And sometimes it’s tough to see it through;

But you’ll never  discover the best in life,

Until you discover the best in you.

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